A package of utilities used in the framework. The utilities can be used anywhere, and it is not designed to work only on the framework. It has been designed help to the syntax user and the reflection user. It has a variant utils such as utils for arrays, collections, readers, reflection and many more.

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It has a common array utils and nothing new. The special thing is the reflection support. It can accept 'object' as arrays. All the methods have '0' version of it. The '0' version accept object as array parameter.

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The class collection is an utils for collections and maps (and anything from changing things to collections or changing collections into maps or changing things into maps, etc…).

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There is always that position. When you want to pass a simple runnable or consumer to some method. And that method will invoke it on the same thread. And you don't need to catch exceptions since there is a try-catch covering the calling context. So Throw Lambdas will be the saver.

    try {
        //the exception will be catched by the catch statment
        //below and will be the exact exception thrown from
        //the throwingMethod
    	Runnable runnable = (ThrowRunnable<Exception>) ()-> {
    } catch (Exception e) {

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Collections are a base thing on programming. But it is hard to make a collection foreach category a main collection. So it is easier to make the main collection dived it is content for us to categories (or subgroups).

    Group food = new HashGroup(Arrays.asList(

    Group healthy = food.subGroup("healthy", f -> !f.equals("pizza"));
    Group h = food.subGroup("healthy");

    //even if the group 'food' is changed
    //the subgroups will remain equal forever
    assert h.equals(healthy);

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Common utilities for readers.

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Utilities helps to deal with reflection and reflection operations.

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Utilities for strings